Review process

Review process

The manuscript submitted by the author is checked by the technical editor for correctness of design and compliance with the requirements of the journal.

After verification, the article is sent to the editor-in-chief, who sends it to reviewers or rejects it.

Based on the review and recommendations of the reviewers, the editor-in-chief decides to accept, reject the article or send the article for revision.

The technical editor sends the corrected version of the article and the author's answer to the reviewer's comments for re-review. The review process is carried out until all comments (recommendations) are eliminated (finalized) and the editor-in-chief (deputy editor-in-chief) makes a decision regarding the article.

The accepted article is sent for editing, layout, review by the author and final publication.

The type of review is one-sided "blind" (the authors do not know who is reviewing their work).