Editorial policy

Editorial policy

Terms of publication of the manuscript

The journal "Combustion and Plasma Chemistry" is published 4 times a year in the following established terms: the first issue is published until April 15 of the current year, the second issue - until July 15; the third issue - until October 15 and the fourth issue - until December 25.

For publication in the journal "Combustion and Plasma Chemistry", manuscripts previously unpublished by the author (s) in Russian or English are accepted, which correspond to the thematic areas of the journal and are designed according to the requirements (rules for authors) of the journal.

The manuscript can be uploaded via the electronic platform by the author for correspondence, indicating all the metadata of the article and its authors, or by e-mail: cpc-journal@icp.kz

By sending the manuscript to the journal "Combustion and Plasma Chemistry", the author (s) guarantees that the corresponding material (in the original or translation into other languages ​​or from other languages) has not been previously published and is not being considered for publication in other publications.

At the stages of working with a manuscript, communication between the editorial office, the author for correspondence, and reviewers is carried out via e-mail or through an electronic (online) platform.


Borrowing and plagiarism

The editorial board of the journal “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry”, when reviewing a manuscript for compliance with formal requirements (manuscript design), also checks for the presence of borrowed text using the Crossref system: Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate

The manuscript should contain new results of experimental and theoretical research, the volume of material taken from any specific publication should not exceed 15% for a scientific article (25% for reviews) and should not exceed the self-citation threshold of 20-25%.

In case of violations of the principles, standards, and norms of scientific ethics accepted by the international community, the editorial board of the journal undertakes to act following with the standards of the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE).


In case it a provable fact (s) of violation of the principles, standards and norms of scientific ethics was found in an article published in the journal “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry”, the editorial board commits itself to withdraw this article from the issue in which it was published and from the official web - the site of the journal (retraction of the article) with the obligatory indication of specific violations of the principles, standards and norms of scientific ethics by the author (s) and place the corresponding announcement in the next issue of the journal.

The author (s) for the correspondence of an article in which a provable fact of violation of the principles, standards and norms of scientific ethics was found, is not allowed to submit articles to the journal "Combustion and Plasma Chemistry" within the next 3 calendar years from the date of detection of the fact (s ) violation of the principles, standards and norms of scientific ethics.


Review process

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of the journal complying with the rules for authors must undergo a peer-review process.

The journal Combustion and Plasma Chemistry uses one-sided blind peer review by at least two scientists with a scientific degree of a candidate of sciences, a doctor of sciences, doctor of philosophy (PhD), and scientific specialization on the subject of the manuscript being reviewed.

After receiving the conclusions from the reviewers, the executive secretary sends them to the author for correspondence without specifying the data of the reviewers, for responding to comments, making appropriate changes and re-sending the manuscript by e-mail: cpc-journal@icp.kz or via an electronic platform.

The executive secretary sends the corrected version of the manuscript and the author's response to the reviewer's comments to the reviewer (s) for re-review.

The manuscript, on which there are positive conclusions from two reviewers, is recommended for publication in the journal "Combustion and Plasma Chemistry" according to the order of acceptance for publication.

If one of the reviewers provided a positive conclusion on the manuscript and the second - negative, then the executive secretary has the right to send it to the third reviewer or to accept the manuscript for publication. If the third reviewer provides a positive conclusion, the final decision on the acceptance / rejection of the publication of the manuscript is made by the editor-in-chief of the journal. In the case of two negative reviews, the manuscript is rejected.

The term for reviewing is appointed by the executive secretary, however, the term for reviewing the manuscript by reviewers is no more than 4-5 weeks from the date of sending the material to the reviewers.

An article can be sent to another publisher only after the Author receives a refusal to publish in the Journal.


Free access policy and archiving

The journal “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry” provides open access to its content on the official website of the journal. Readers and authors can view electronic versions of the current issue of the journal and archives for previous periods.


Copyright and licensing

The authors of the articles of the journal "Combustion and Plasma Chemistry" reserve the right of the author to scientific work and transfer the work with the right of its first publication to the journal.

Whenever the author (co-authors) and / or other persons use the article (including any of its separate parts, fragments), it is necessary to make a reference to the journal, specifying the name of the author (co-authors), the title of the article, volume, number, pages of the journal and the year of issue, specified in the log.


Privacy Terms

Information on the authors - their names, affiliation, contact information, information on their position and academic degree, as well as references to identifiers of authors' profiles in international databases, are placed in the article in the "Information on the authors" section.

Members of the editorial board of the journal “Combustion and Plasma Chemistry” do not disclose information on the manuscript accepted for consideration before its publication to third parties, except for the appointed reviewers. Also, the editors do not disclose information on reviewers to authors and others.