• B. A. Baitimbetova Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpaev, Satpaev str. 22, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • А.А. Myrzachmetova School - lyceum №173, microdistrict Mamyr-1, 1, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Yu.A. Ryabikin Physical-Technical Institute, st. Ibragimova 11, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • V. E. Nykulin Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 71 Al-Farabi ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Keywords: Aromatic hydrocarbons, graphene, carbon nanotube, magnetron sputtering, naphthalene


This paper proposes the method of for producing graphene sheets and carbon nanotubes with reactive magnetron sputtering in vapour by sublimation aromatic hydrocarbons (naphthalene) with a structure of the benzene rings in a more natural formation of graphene structures. The carbon grid of molecular structure of aromatic hydrocarbons coincides with the graphene of carbon grid. The article shows the method of obtaining carbon nanostructures. The graphene of peaks was observed with the vibrational mode (2D- zone) at a frequency of ~ 2728 sm-1 using the method of Raman spectroscopy. Results from studies using atomic force microscopy confirm the formation of graphene sheets and the carbon nanotubes.


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