• V. Zhovtyansky The Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 39, Degtyarivska St., 03113 Kyiv, Ukraine
  • M. Ostapchuk The Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 39, Degtyarivska St., 03113 Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: carbonaceous waste, hydrogen production, synthesis gas, plasma-oxygen-steam gasification, sewage sludge, rubber crumb of worn tires


Among the fire methods of various carbonaceous wastes processing, the most common are currently high-temperature technologies for their gasification with the production of hydrogen in gasification products. In terms of the prospects for decarbonization of sectors of the economy, the use of such technologies is carbon-negative, because otherwise waste will rot in landfills and emit methane for 20 years – a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more active than carbon dioxide in terms of climate change. Thus, the carbon contribution is defined as negative in the equivalent of 188 kg of carbon dioxide per MJ compared to 20 kg for hydrogen obtained from carbon and zero for standard green hydrogen. This allowed the authors of some developments to classify the hydrogen obtained from waste as greener than green. The prospects of application of plasma technologies for hydrogen production in relation to the tasks of hydrogen energy in terms of their energy efficiency are discussed on the examples of gasification of sewage sludges and rubber crumbs of worn tires. The analysis of existing empirical dependences for determination of thermophysical characteristics of a wide range of combustible substances is carried out and the most acceptable of them for those types of carbonaceous raw materials which were subjected to gasification in the present work are selected.



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