The purpose and objectives of the journal

Combustion and Plasma Chemistry (ISSN 1683-3902, abbreviated name in English - Combustion. Plasm. Chem.) has been publishing original scientific articles since 2002 (4 issues per year).

The purpose of the journal is to convey new ideas and results of the researches carried out in the field of combustion and plasma chemistry, technology of explosives and pyrotechnic materials, chemical physics, materials science to the largest number of scientists, including specialists from related fields; integration of Kazakhstani scientists into the international scientific community.

The tasks of the journal:

- publication of research results according to the thematic area of ​​the journal;

- expansion of the editorial board and reviewers with the involvement of well-known Kazakhstani and foreign specialists;

- maintaining high scientific standards due to the involvement of leading scientists, specialists in the relevant fields of knowledge in the review process;

- expanding the presence of the journal in international databases and open electronic resources;

- increasing the accessibility of the journal for foreign readers - publishing an expanded presentation of the essence of the research in English (Abstract), keywords (Keywords) and duplicating the list of references in the Latin alphabet (References).